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If you treat everyone as if they are equal to you, then no one is ever above you

Jesse, 16
Long Island


when your nudes get leaked


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Here’s a tip for people saying all this shit about “Real life Purge threats”, maybe if the media kept this information in the hillbilly Redneck places these reports are coming from, people around the whole fucking country wouldn’t hear about it, and what? Do you think concerned parents are the only people reading this shit? No it’s also fucking psychos who actually want to do this shit and now they’re just being inspired. That’s exactly what happened with the “knockout game”. Fuck the media and the people who support it, maybe they deserve a purge

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He photoshopped himself on stage

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play this at my funeral as they lower me down in the dirt

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no one ever likes me as much as i like themĀ 

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